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If I’m the Jeffrey Pease you’re looking for, you’ve found me! These days my main professional focus is as acting Chief Marketing Officer of Avepoint, so new posts here may be few and far between. But feel free to check out my blog and reach out on LinkedIn or Facebook.



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  1. Joan / Oct 26 2012

    Hi Jeffrey. I’m an alum (94) and I just got a message about your Webinar, which I hope to register for (once I get my netID sorted). I live in the UK and am a college counselor at ACS Cobham International School. I support and help students apply to universities in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Japan. I don’t do a lot of explicit marketing in my job but I do run a newsletter than I think could be better, and I do want to learn about social media. And your Webinar sounds interesting and potentially inspiring. I was glad to hear about what Cornell alum are doing in the world! Thanks for doing this!

    • jeffrey / Oct 30 2012

      You’re welcome. Hope it’s helpful. If you want to, you can get a head start by reading the new post on Premature Differentiation and watching the accompanying video.

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